Gliga I Violin Outfit-1Piece Back Antique 4/4

Gliga I Violin Outfit-1Piece Back Antique 4/4

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To show off the attractive flame present in the Gliga I grade wood, this variation has been built with a one-piece back 

In the Gliga workshop it is only the most experienced builders that practice their hand with the higher grades of wood selected for Gliga I instruments. These expert craftspeople draw on decades of knowledge as they graduate the plates with precision and artfully tune them to produce these fine violins. The traditional oil varnish is carefully hand applied so as not to hinder the instrument in any way, and together these processes result in a rich, well-rounded sound audible to the discerning ear.

The fine, straight grained spruce continues to age and so the sound 'opens up' the more the instrument is played (and these violins certainly deserve to be played often and well). The book-matched flamed maple back exhibits striking flame, and is also matched to the solid maple ribs.

Like all violins in Gliga's student line a Wittner ultralight tailpiece is included, chosen for its light weight, stability and ease of tuning. As with the Gliga II violins a set of Pirastro Violino strings is standard, selected for their easy playability and expressive range. Depending on the recommendation of the teacher, an upgrade to Pirastro Obligato, Evah Pirazzi, Jargar Superior or Opal strings may be appropriate. Your luthier may also recommend upgrading to a European aged maple bridge depending on your requirements.

The 4/4 outfit is completed with an original Articul bow and a premium HQ Half-Moon case.

  • Solid spruce top with fine straight grain
  • Solid maple back, neck and sides exhibits striking flame
  • Inlaid purfling
  • Ebony Swiss-style pegs
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Wittner ultralight with inbuilt adjusters
  • Ebony teka chinrest
  • Maple bridge
  • Pirastro Violino strings
  • Hand applied 'standard' oil varnish
  • Stradivari pattern
  • String adjusters inbuilt in tailpiece
  • HQ brand half-moon case
  • Articul carbon fibre bow with ebony frog and horsehair
  • Made in Romania